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GVG Corporate Finance Advisors

GVG Corporate Finance Advisors is providing Corporate Finance, M&A, Debt Restructuring and other restructuring advice focused on mid-market companies. Our offices are in Wiesbaden, London and Beijing.

GVG Corporate Finance Advisors was founded in 2003 by a team of former investment bankers with many decades of bulge bracket investment banking experience. The founding partners have advised on transactions with a combined transaction value of more than €70 bn.

We have advised on transactions in the following sectors:

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GVG Corporate Finance Advisors combines leading investment banking know-how, top management expertise, and excellence in restructuring. Our team includes former successful top executives of leading corporations.

Our advice is focused on value creation for our customers based on our experience, creativity, and our execution capabilities. We advise our customers in sales/acquisitions/mergers of companies and in analysis and execution of corporate restructuring. We have in-depths experience in debt restructuring, structured finance, and balance sheet optimization.

Our services are based on independent advice and senior attention.

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services are based on in-depths analysis, our experience, and our creativity. We are experts in identifying, describing and communicating entrepreneurial opportunities to create value for our customers. Based on our international offices and our global network of partners we provide a global service to our customers to successfully execute the transactions defined.

Our Financial Engineering Services for the restructuring of companies include analysis, strategy definition, business concept, as well as implementation and straight forward execution through our consultants. Our capabilites in transaction execution and company restructuring are targeted on successfully serving the long term interests of our customers.

Our team of advisors has outstanding credentials in restructuring and turnaround management. To our customers advantage we can provide both, top investment banking and operating top management expertise. We are experts in structuring the provision of all variations of equity and debt. We are globally very well connected to all kind of equity and debt providers. We develop individually optimised solutions for our customers, i. e. in balance sheet and /or corporate restructuring. We are very experienced in conducting negotiations to the benefit of our customer.


There are a variety of very important elements that ensure the success of a Corporate Finance Project. The key factors differentiating us from most competitors are:

  • Top Quality and Senior Attention on analysis and project execution.
  • Independent evaluation of all alternatives available, free of any conflicts of interest.
  • Ensuring a swift implementation of the best solution.
  • “Getting the deal done”
  • Persistence in establishing and fostering personal client relationships.
  • Confidentiality and sensitivity in dealing with clients’ affairs.


GVG Corporate Finance Advisors is a leading corporate finance advisory firm for mid-market cross border transactions.

Our offices are in Wiesbaden, London and Beijing.

On cross border advisory mandates we cooperate with a network of M&A-firms where we have long lasting relationships with the founding partners. We have strong ties to partner firms in France, the Benelux, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong and the USA.

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